Frequently Asked Questions About Lace Wigs & Frontals

Does the hair part look real?
The lace used is very thin, you will not see your scalp unless you part your hair underneath the lace wig before the application. If you wear a nude stocking cap underneath, it will give the illusion of scalp.

Does the colour of the lace matter?
The colour of the lace is very important, if the lace does not match you complexion it will look like there is a line between your wig/frontal and your hair line. When the lace matches your complexion it will look more natural.

Do I have to shave any hair off my hair line?
If your forehead is short/small you will not have to shave any hair if the lace matches your natural hair colour, but if it does not match your hair colour you might have to shave off some of your baby hair for a more natural look. The unit should be taped/glued on your skin around the perimeter of your head so it will bond for a longer time frame.

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