Frequently Asked Questions About Remy Hair

Can the Remy be died, permed, relaxed and texturized?
Yes Remy hair can be died, permed, texturized and relaxed. Be sure to take special precautions when using chemicals; treat the wig like your own hair.

Does the Indian Remy get wavy when wet?
Yes, the Indian Remy will get wavy when wet. Yaki textures will not get wavy when wet.

After washing Remy hair how should I dry it?
You can lay it flat on a towel, place it under the dryer, place it on a mannequin head or blow dry it.

What is Remy hair?
Remy (Cuticle hair) is the highest grade of human hair.

Is all Remy the same?
Remy comes in different grades such as AA grade, A grade, B grade, C grade, and D grade. Remy hair usually comes in Indian or Chinese hair, but manufacturers can texturize it to look like African American, European and Malaysian hair.

How long should I keep my Remy hair?
You can keep your hair as long as it last. It is always good to purchase more then one Remy hair piece so you can rotate and take special care of them after washing and wearing them.

Does the hair colour or texture make a difference in the quality?
The more hair is processed, the weaker it becomes. The best quality remains in natural hair colours and textures such as; dark brown, light brown, straight and wavy hair textures.