Lace Wig Application and Removal

Lace Wig application

It is recommended that you shower before and not after your lace wig application, so it is completely dry.

  1. Wash hair
  2. Oil and braid or wrap your hair
  3. Cleanse your face to remove excess oil, makeup and dirt
  4. Wipe the perimeter of your head with skin prep or alcohol, and let it dry for one minute
  5. Place a stocking cap on your head
  6. Apply the tape around the base of the wig (if the tape is not sticking, apply some glue directly to the base first then apply the tape)
  7. Position the unit on your head, aligning the side burns in the right spots then continue towards the nape
  8. Peel the tape off from one side to the next, apply some glue then press firmly, repeat until you get to the other side. Peel the tape off the sides and then the nape. When using the glue it is best to use sandwich toothpicks instead of the brush for better control.
  9. Blow dry the perimeter for 2 to 3 minutes to dry the glue faster
  10. Wrap your hair with a satin wrap, and let the unit dry for at least 24 hours before styling your hair

If your lace wig is too small or your head is not proportionate in some areas you can sew it on with weaving thread by braiding a thin strip around the perimeter.

Lace Wig Removal

  1. Put your hair in a ponytail
  2. Spray the hairline with the Optima remover, rub gently, then spray some more and lift the unit. Continue this process until the unit is completely removed.
  3. Remove the excess tape and glue from the unit by spraying it with some of the remover. If you have trouble removing the glue you can slide the perimeter of the unit with tape against a mirror in a downward motion.